WJW Pet Cremation Services is a small family business run by Westley Wood and his partner Natalie.  Westley is a farmer who diversified in to the pet cremation industry after a family member found it difficult to find a service that was prompt, discreet and cost effective. As pet owners we take pride in providing a service that we would expect ourselves.  As an approved member of  the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, monitored by DEFRA, we hope to give our customers the assurance they need.  

The Service
Initially we organise a convenient time for you to bring your pet to us.  We work on a appointment only basis giving you the time and space to make final farewells without compromise. 

An individual cremation takes place as soon as your pet arrives.  We guarantee that all pets are cremated individually.  As a company we are against mass cremations and believe that all pets should be cremated individually to give them the respect they deserve. 

Your pet’s ashes are then returned the following day in our packaging (as highlighted) at an arranged time. 

We offer one standard package to keep things simple and cost effective for our customers at such a difficult time.  Payment is made when our customers are totally happy with the service they have received.

Pets are collected in a wicker basket

Wicker basket collection

Return is in our simple standard packaging

Simple packaging with letter of condolence